Types of Vaccines and National Immunization Schedule

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Vaccines is a biological product that produces acquired immunity in an individual. If review any staff nurse exam question paper, you can see at least one question from vaccines and vaccination schedule. Therefore its important to learn about vaccine, types, administration, National Immunization schedule etc while preparing for registered nurse exams. This article will help you in this regard. Continue reading

Normal Values for Registered Nurse Exams

normal valuesNo exam for staff nurses is complete without at least one question from normal values. Most of us will be knowing the same too. But what happen’s finally?  Because of lack of revision in last minute, we will find it difficult to answer a simple question (Most often confused). What can we do to avoid this? The solution is repeated revision. In this article, we are portraying major investigations which clinical nurses see in daily practice and their normal values. Continue reading

Important Medical Syndromes for Nursing Exams

medical syndromes for nursing exams

Medical Syndromes to be learnt while preparing for various exams. This is a usual head ache. Here we try to alleviate your sufferings with listing most of the syndromes and key explanations for each. Also some hints are provided for easy learning. Hints means when we are studying with our study partner we will try to memorize some topics with some key words. After reading this article,  when some syndromes is asked with their names in Multiple choice questions you will be getting some idea about what it is. It will help you remember something better than having no idea about the option.

Continue reading

CPCR Drugs during Cardiac Arrest

CPCR DRUGS NCLEXRNGUIDENo nurse would be there who has not done or assisted a Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (CPCR). Even though responsibility of nurses vary during CPCR, you must be thorough with the medications – CPCR Drugs, used during CPCR. As it is an emergency procedure, question makers are very fond of this particular area. Even for MOH interviews and all we have heard people telling that so many questions were asked from these particular drugs. So its better to read and study this article (with MCQ’s) if you are preparing for staff nurse competitive exams or licensure exams like NCLEX RN, CRNE, OSCE, CBT and Indian exams like AIIMS, JIPMER, PGIMER, NIMHANS, SGPGI, AMU, ESIC, Railways etc. So lets start with the common drugs, their action and special considerations while administering them. Continue reading

Drug Calculation made easy for Nurses

drug calculation made easy for nursesMost of the people who has chosen nursing as his or her profession because of two reasons ie Some of them thought that Nursing consists of pure Biology and there will be no need of studying any Mathematics. The other people? Obviously chose nursing without even knowing what it is? This article is for those people in nursing who are weaker at Maths but don’t want to miss questions from Drug Calculation. Continue reading

Intravenous Solutions and Plasma Expanders

Intravenous Solutions and Plasma ExpandersWe are daily using different Intravenous Solutions for various patients suffering with different medical conditions. We don’t even look for their content, concentration and other things written on the label that these solutions are having. But for your kind information, examiners will definitely look into those small details and questions will be asked. Those questions will be very simple but will be confusing. Nclexrnguide.com, through this article is trying to sort out this issue. Lets study in detail about various intravenous solutions in use. Continue reading